Friday, July 24, 2015

Things workers wish they could tell the boss

Jeff Haden, Government Executive Magazine,  says most employees don't share their real opinions with the boss.

He says many times workers WANT to say...

"You say you respect me--so give me something important to do." Assign important tasks as often as you can.

"Let me decide the best way to do it."  Not jumping in and providing a lot of opinions also shows respect.

"Please don't tell me all about your personal life." Employees really may not care about your wonderful vacation and have to fake it.

"And don't ask me personal questions." Asking me how the kids are comes off as false.

"Can't you see I am really busy?" Never interrupt work just to check in. If you do stop by, try to pitch in.

"I would like to work here a long time." Not all employees want to jump around. Most won't job hunt unless the boss gives them reason to.

"A paycheck is not a thank you." A paycheck is a given. Workers appreciate a boss who finds some accomplishment to recognize and praise.

We're all human here. We like to be treated with respect...When workers don't say these things, they think they are respecting the boss. But if you are the boss, you should know they may want to speak up.

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