Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two "fun" nerd gifts

Julie Huffman and Jenavieve Brown run ShopGibberish--they are mother and daughter. Julie teaches HS chemistry Her daughter is about to enter college.

I gather they are sciency.

One of their creations is called Periodic Thoughts ($10.99). It's 30 bound postcards you can tear out and send--with sayings on them written partly in abreviations from the periodic table. The accompanying drawings are witty and somewhat dark...It's hard to describe.

The Nerd Journal ($12.99) is hardbound, very nice quality, celebrating (their words) "all-out geekery." Besides your own Sheldon Cooper-like observations, it contains hundreds of random science facts and jokes.

Since you would never know what to get someone who would like these--how about getting these? Check Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or most good book sites.

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