Friday, July 3, 2015

Why you may not have been promoted

Many companies do promote from within the ranks. This gives the higher-ups a long time to know you and notice things. So job performance may not be the only reason you did or did not get promoted.

At very least, long sleeves.

Debra Auerbach writes about this on CareerBuilder.

She says it can be little things that stand in your way, too.

Employers say it can be appearance.

--Provocative attire--44% said
--Wrinkled or shabby appearance--40%
--Piercings besides ears--32%
--Too casual attire--27%
--Visible tatts--27%

And sometimes employers are turned off by behavior.

--Negative or pessimistic attitude
--Showing up late a lot
--Using vulgar language
--Regularly leaving early
--Too many sick days

See if any apply--and then correct them if you want to move up.

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