Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Are kids overburdened with homework?

Yes! answer some researchers. CNN recently blabbed on this. They cited a study in the Am J of Fam Therapy that showed kids in the early elementary grades are getting three times as much as educators recommend.

The National Education Assn and National Parent-Teacher Assn recommend 10 minutes per grade level per night. This means 10 minutes in first grade, 20 in second, etc. Senior year  in HS--120 minutes--two hours.

Kindergarten--homework not recommended.

To me, 10 mins seems skimpy for kids who can sit and play a video game for an hour or more.

We used to have to do "chapters of this or that" or long worksheets.

We lived. And yes, we DID walk five miles through snow to get to school. Yes, we did.

I was laughing last night at a comedian on TV. He said his dad didn't even know where the school WAS. Mine, either. They never drove us or dropped us off. They said see if there's a bus. My parents were big on our calling people and asking questions to get information.

Now, I guess, the urchins could consult their phones--but find out for yourself!

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