Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Are you your own worst enemy?

Shana Lebowitz, Business Insider, says there are things that can hold you back at work. Here are some ways people get in their own way.

Conforming to majority opinion. Studies show people tend to believe the majority, even when the majority is proved wrong. They showed people three lines in one study--asked which was longest. They participants were surrounded by people agreeing that one was longest--and most people agreed. But it wasn't!

Believing negative stereotypes. If you are a minority and believe the stereotypes, which may in come cases play out, it can hold you back--because these stereotypes do not always play out.

Needing to produce flawless work can be a drawback to you. Perfectionists wear themselves out.

If you feel like an imposter or you don't deserve your job, this can come through and others will agree.

Also, if you fear success, you will be operating from fear. Try to figure out how you got this idea. Chances are someone undermined you.

Burying your head in the sand is also self-defeating. If you think you screwed up or your numbers are not great, get it over with--get the truth out there.

Procastination is also a bad trait at work. It is not--did you know this--from laziness? It's from anger and hostility--passive-aggressiveism. They did not appreciate my last project, so they can wait to see this one!

These are all human traits--but we need to be on the lookout.

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