Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to school is for parents, too

Broward College in Florida has some tips for parents as "real life" begins again.

Get involved. Be a strong presence in the school and in the classroom. Mark your calendars with all important school dates--holidays, PTO, teacher meetings.  Meet the teacher(s). Form a relationship. Some teachers correspond by email now.

Recognize your child's learning needs. As soon as you notice a change in the child's enthusiasm or doing of homework--or anything--ask about it. Hire a tutor if need be.

Discuss the coming routine before school starts. Some kids like to do homework right away, some later after running off energy.

Don't forget breakfast--it helps your child learn. Offer a mini-bagel with cream cheese, low-sugar cereal and fruit, or
whole grain bread and an egg. Get some protein in the tank.

And of course--increase excitement by a special shopping trip for supplies and clothes. Hint: Wait on the supplies until the teacher sends a list. Some teachers are very specific about what they want the kids to have.

This brings back memories.  I remember one supply run that cost this poor single Mom $85! And that was in The Wayback. And, oh, did I hear the words Hello Kitty again and again.

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