Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cheap thrills v real perks

Don't be a chump. You may be looking at a company with an array of amenities--free lunch Friday, yoga, a beer fridge, organic fruit, a soft-serve machine--but these freebs can have a dark side. This according to J. Maureen Henderson, Forbes.com.

Let's face it--these frills cost less than a solid retirement matching plan, a good health plan, tuition, and so on.

These frills make work fun! Even a  lifestyle choice. You know how we love those.

But remember the old adage--there is no such thing as a free lunch.

You will pay one way or the other. So wise up.

I remember when I had a "real job." The guys in the mailroom would wrap your parcels for you. I loved that perk. Then, though, we got other more adult things, too. Wish I had not cashed in that retirement.

But--I did get a catered party with a bartender when I left...

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