Monday, August 3, 2015

Crazy stuff people do to get hired

There is crazy good--and just crazy crazy. Many people don't know the difference and this can cost you a job.

Being a "little out there" can differentiate you from other candidates, but this needs to be done with precision or you will come off as a stalker or someone will throw a net over you.

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder, collected some things people have done.

--Found out where the hiring manager was having dinner and paid the tab.

--Lit a corner of the resume on fire to show a burning desire.

--Had a cake delivered saying, Congratulations, You Hired So-and So.

--Tried to impress with a history of the company--but had the facts wrong.

--Had her resume gift-wrapped.

--Sent the hiring manager a coupon for a free meal.

Some hiring managers seem to think some of this is clever, others are irritated.

Don't confused pestering with persistence, McDonnell says. Maybe one followup call...

Try to know the hiring manager--if they are completely turned off, this may not be the place for you anyway.

A handwritten thank you can be enough to impress.

What you are really selling is you, your background, your qualifications--bribes and puppets won't help there.

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