Monday, August 31, 2015

Does anyone have game anymore?

Article in Sunday's Washington Post on how agonizing dating is--worse than the gym or apt hunting.

I watch those Bravo singles shows and these youngsters are pathetic--they can't flirt, can't sparkle, can't converse, can even finish dinner. In several episodes of The Singles Project, people met, no lightning bolt, got up from the dinner table and left--in the middle of dinner!

You can't talk to someone for an hour? Ask about their background and interests? Get with it!

And, ladies, finishing dinner does not obligate you to provide any more than good conversation and a nice thank you. Be yourself--even order dessert if you want.

But apparently this mating game thing is pretty grim these days. My daughter is 33 and says no one has ever asked her out to dinner. She has dinner with this hanger-on who turns up here, but she pays. Dunno--her choice and she seems to have fun, so I stay mum.

But even that is not as bad as the Japanese--or some of them. According to a story in the Sept Marie Claire, in Tokyo there are custom-built apts aimed at helping singles snag someone.

These 355-sq ft "Marriage-hunting (konkatsu) mansions" include a bath tub in the living room and a stripper pole.

The ones for men have a chinning bar so the guys can show off their pecs.

Other Japanese konkatsu services include special bars, vacations, and art classes.

I will say this--I never worked the pole to entice anyone. Usually a few laughs keep people coming around.

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