Friday, August 28, 2015

Does your office have a "shooter" plan?

Isn't it awful to think like that? But I remember writing early in my career on mental health in the office and how people should deal with it (supervisors should step up and direct the employee to the Employee Assistance Plan for counseling or evaluation).

And now, this awful murder of the two news people in Virginia, by a troublesome colleague who had actually been gone from the workplace for a year. Delusions and paranoia know no timetable, I guess.

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says 94% of people think their workplace is reasonably protected.

Fires, floods, and similar disasters are low on most people's radar, with 85% saying they feel well protected. Eighty-three say they are not that worried about weather-related threats.

Ditto for digital attacks--70% think their office is well protected.

But only 30% say they feel protected against a man v man incident.

Nearly a fourth of workers say they would have no idea what to do if there were an emergency that posed a physical threat.

--21% said their office has no emergency plan.

--26% say there is no severe weather plan.

--40% says their company has no plan for a physical attack or a technolog security breach.

Should there be a plan? Experts say yes.

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