Thursday, August 27, 2015

Even a light breeze can stop this mail

Not my carrier Anthony--whom I adore.
I know--mail is for dinosaurs. Well, I am one. And I use the mail and it stinks out loud these days.

Lisa Rein, Washington Post, Aug 26, 2015, says letters arriving late have jumped 50% since Jan.

Letters that should have taken three to five days (and THAT is long) took even longer 18-44% of the time.

The USPS has been closing plants--this has now been put on hold.

But before this hold came, the agency warned people that things would take longer--and now it's taking longer still.

They blame the storm and reassignments of workers. Well, the storms are over, though they will be starting again soon.

Checks, medicine, magazines, mail ballots, newspapers, greeting cards, and court documents--in the mail. Oh, and letters. We want all those.

One idea they had was to stop Saturday deliveries...I was against that at first, but now, OK, do it, make this work!

I can mail something to my bank--four blocks--and it takes almost a week. First, it goes downtown...

The other day, I was tracking a package--my stuff was in Puerto Rico. Huh?

People who commented on the Post story said they only get 3/4ths of their magazines. So far, we get our three, but this may not hold.

Another commenter said he would get mail sometimes all torn to heck. I have gotten envelopes in body bags, too.

And those ads--they come. Supposedly they are paying for the rest. Well, let's get the rest on over here on time, too.

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