Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Focus, people!

Scott Eblin, Government Executive Magazine, Aug 3, 2015, says one of the lowest rated behaviors of even well thought of leaders is "gives others full presence and attn during meetings or conversations."

The phones are a distraction--what you just saw on the phone can also be.


--Put the smartphone in the desk during meetings.

--Turn off the computer screen if someone is your office.

--If you are talking to someone and someone sticks their head in, ask them to come back later.

--Set a time to call busy people.

A man who tried this said he felt like a better person. He saw his earlier distraction as lack of respect.

He even found this patience and these habits benefited him in his personal life.

You can ease into this--leave the phone behind for one meeting a week, then work up.

You can do it! You own it--don't reverse that.

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