Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is this what it's like to return to work?

Tarja, Tarja--you'll be OK.
A woman named Tarja Parssinen  left her publishing job years ago  and when she returned to the office environment, she felt like technological roadkill, as she put it.

She said she found a "terrifying jungle of millennials, adapting to the speed of change while still balancing the demands of family."

She felt a stab of panic. She is quite dramatic, this Tarja. She said while she was at home, apes stood up, fire was made, the wheel was invented.


There is no filing, printing or faxing, she says. Remember binders of papers? Gone!  No one can use a fax machine or even knows what one is.

No meetings. It's webinars, she says. You can pretend to listen while checking your phone.

Focus--what's that? She says people do seem to have the 9 secs of attention span attributed to goldfish.

No one talks, she says. Especially on the phone--texting only and sometimes from five feet away. The modern office is silent, she maintains.

And respect? Well, don't expect any of that. If you are in your 40s--you are old!

A slew of commenters told her to put her hair out and not with gasoline. People talk, they go to lunch, they even laugh and tell jokes, and yes, sometimes they fax stuff or call a meeting.

Calm down, Tarja--maybe people hear your big ole dino foot clomping and put on those head phones --but offices are manned by people and people talk--even to moms over 40. As for paperless--check out those desks. They are covered in paper. If there are desks, that is, and not multi-use pods or something.

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