Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Job sharing--remember that?

People share their cars now (Uber), houses (Airbnb), so why not jobs? This is now the sharing economy.

According to the Dept of Labor, says Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, job sharing means two or more workers share the duties of one full-time job, or two workers have unrelated part-time assignments in the same budget line.

The identities of the sharers often morph and fuse.

Allowing some workers to do this increases productivity and morale. A mother who needs to be off to get the kids from school works mornings, etc.  Or one works certain days, the other the rest. You get the idea.

You need to find a compatible work partner. This is really up to the people, not necessarily the employer. Map out how it would work.

At least start the conversation--it might take some salesmanship. Employers worry about what if one partner is working on something and there is a question about that project while he or she is not on duty.

These things can be worked out. Share the explaining.

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