Friday, August 14, 2015

People, people, use common sense on resumes

Just when I say, "It goes without saying," it doesn't go without saying.  From CareerBuilder come some bone-stupid things people have put on their resumes.

--Applicant claimed to be former CEO of the company.

--Fluent in two languages--one of them pig Latin.

--Wrote "whorehouse" instead of warehouse.

--Website linked to a porn site.

--Said "did not like dealing with angry customers" as reason for leaving last job--but this job was customer service.

--Email address was 2poopy4mypants.

--Claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner.

--Claimed to have worked in a jail (was in a jail all right but not working).

--Claimed to be HVAC-certified--but asked what HVAC was.

--Attended a college that didn't exist.

--Applied to be a driver, claimed had 10 years experience, but only had a license for 4 yrs.

--Listed as a reference an employer who had a warrant out on him.

--Job history--three cities--same time period.

So what have we learned? Almost everything is checkable--and sometimes no checking is even needed!

I like the pig Latin claim. retty-pay tupid-say.

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