Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick--what day is it?

It's all the rage these days to ask older people what day of the week it is--to see if you can trip them up.

But according to a story in Medical News Today, plenty of people of all ages get confused.

There is a study (of course). In PLOS ONE.

Researchers found that we embue each day with a special impact on behavior.

Medical appts on Monday are more likely to be missed than those on                                                    Fri.

They asked for word associations...Monday got boring and tired. Friday got freedom and party.

Tues-Wed-Thurs--fewer words, less impact, more easily confused with each other.

Midweek days are spoken less in normal conversation than Monday and Friday.

If there is a holiday on Monday, people felt "behind."

So what? Well, it's Monday and I am tired.

Wait--this is Monday, right?

I like Wednesday--Hump Day. I was born on a Wed. Last week, though, I thought it was Thurs.

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