Thursday, August 13, 2015

The office of the future

I love these stories--so creative. Olga Khazan, Nextgov Magazine, August 11, 2015, says the office of the future will be less Jetsons and more Harry Potter.


She is quoting a dude named Ben Waber, co-founder of Humanyze, a new company specializing in human analytics.

Apparently he means the office of the future will look much like the office of the present but with a few magical touches.

Same open spaces, desks--but maybe with an expresso machine that can find a meeting and give everyone a cup--all on its own.

Oh--and the desks may report back to the bosses. Robots will prowl big campuses.

Amazon has a big biosphere in its office--a dome filled with plants. Some "gardens" are indoor green walls--the plants climbing up a wall.

There may be water sounds instead of staticky white noise. Employees will also control temps better.

Desks could expand to become conference tables. An alarm would sound if someone had been sitting too long.

Layouts will allow employees to run into each other--and preumably start babbling creatively.  Zappos calls this collisionable hours.

Technology can also allow scanning of people's calendars to see if all appts are aimed at the bottom line.

The open plan--here to stay, despite studies that show it creates stress. Instead employees can retreat into pods--a chair with a privacy screen.

Other futuristic devices include signaling devices indicating that the employee wanted to be left alone. These did not work... The solution? A space shut off with doors.

Uh-oh--doors. Who knows where those could lead.

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