Monday, August 10, 2015

Uh-oh--what's up with Hispanic workers?

By 2020, says Glenn Llopis,, 74% of the work force will be Hispanic (source: Selig Center for Econ Growth)

This could be worrisome because other stats show Hispanic professionals in the first 10 years of their caeeers are only working at 40% of full potential.

A lot of this, Llopis says, is because non-Hispanic supervisors don't understand the realities Hispanics face each day.

Feeling their unique perspective is not valued enough, apparently many Hispanics fail to fully engage.  According to this, 81% of Hispanics feel                                                this way.

This can hit hard with major companies--who depend on Hispanic consumers to grow.

Ninety-two of Hispanics in one study did not gravitate toward their non-Hispanic supervisors, finding them self-absorbed, judgmental and disrespectful.

Hispanics often battle between assimilation and wanting to preserve their cultural norms.

To keep these workers, and through them, to acquire more Hispanic customers, companies must increase awareness and appreciation of cultural differences,  The time is now to get ready for the cultural shift--Hispanics will be a third of the population in 2050.

Out here in AZ, they may already be in the majority. I think language--though not mentioned here-- is a big sticking point.

I also don't think our so-called pols are helping with their dismissive or downright rude remarks about Hispanics.

AND--when I got my house painted, the crew hailed from South American countries--and worked hard from dawn to dusk--none of this 40% of effort stuff.

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