Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are you failing to step up?

Mary Jo Asmus, Government Executive Magazine, Sept 17, 2015, says in the daily workplace, courage is usually not a big splashy act--it's engaging even when you would rather not. In other words, you talk yourself out of it--usually with impeccable logic.

Say you need to have a feedback convo with an employee--you tell yourself they will never change anyway.

Or if you need to make an important decision, but instead say no one will support me.

If there is some issue around which you are making such excuses, talk to someone you trust. Discuss your options. Ask if you are being a wuss.

Weight out the risks to benefits. See if your fears are really reasonable--would you get fired? Would you create a wall against you?

Write down the steps you need to take.

Then do it.

I am in such a situation--the local government people are deviling me half to death over my yard--they insisted I get a new gate--the old one was secure (to code), but no, I was to get a new one on threat of court action. A one-ton half dead cactus needed removal--it is very expensive to get this done--but I finally did--another $450 on top of the $700 for the gate. Now they insist I can have no TRACE (their caps) of grass--only rocks. You can't mix grass and rocks, they say--the code does not say this.

I refused to sign a paper vowing to do this and that in the future. I went on Yelp and people chimed in about how bad the enforcement people were. I went to the City Council--no help.

I finally used some awful poison on the grass--it turned everything yellow, the rocks, everything and smelled like a chemical factory. It had health side efx. Now, I will not use it again.

Am I being a coward for not going to court and thrashing this out? I have other priorities--and I have fought so many battles in my life--crusades, really...when does it end?

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