Friday, September 25, 2015

Could you give up coffee?

Should you? Health experts go back and forth--it is good for your gallbladder? Is it bad for your heart? No one can decide.

I remember having a terrible time thinking about coffee when I was preggers.

But, now, when standing to make coffee with my arthritis takes longer than making tea, I went over to tea without a problem. OK--a little problem. I still crave a great cup of Dunkin' Donuts or McDonalds java--so much better than I ever made myself.

CareerBuilder asked people to give up things--to see how it affected the work day. Debra Auerbach ditched coffee. She knew this would be hard because coffee was giving her bad stomach pains and she still drank it! She also still had her morning eye-opener while pregnant.

But she went bravely forth--a week without coffee.

Monday--No coffee this week was her first thought upon waking. She glared at people guzzling down their joe. She avoided looking at Starbucks. She was grumpy and unfocused all day.

By Wednesday, people were telling her she looked terrible. But she was eating better breakfasts and hoped she would be sleeping better, but she wasn't.

OK, Friday...She began to feel better and a little proud of herself.  A few days--she began to plan her fist cup.

As the day went on, though, she was craving that cup less.

Did she continue to abstain?


I remember getting headaches when I first stopped--she didn't mention those. They stop.

Still, I had a fantasy about having a little McDonalds on my property.

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