Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do you have test anxiety?

Pop Quiz!


Oh, poor babies, the incoming students at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC, will be offered a three-part workshop on how to prevent test panic attacks.

They call their Learning Assistance Center "the emergency department" for worried students.

Some students don't know how to study, to prepare, to take an exam. And especially how to not panic.

Panic, really?

The first part is on preparing for the exam. Students are told to take pre-tests. In other words, practice.

The second workshop will focus on taking the exam, and the third on seeing how they did and how to improve their grade if they did not do so well.

Upperclassman will also come in and say how nervous they used to be or how they failed and what they did about it.

One aspect is to write fears on a piece of paper--and throw it away. That is the Beaker-O-Fear.

Dunno--seems kind of puss puss to me.

Also--why a beaker?

Maybe they need special Wake Forest barf bags.

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