Monday, September 14, 2015

Five questions to ask on a campus tour

I once wrote an article for Travel & Leisure on the University of Virginia, and the campus, envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, was pretty gorgeous. It is easy to be blinded by the ivy.

Mercy Eyadiel, associate vice president of career development and corporate engagement at Wake Forest Univ, says students need to ask the right questions---and what career development resources are at a school is important.

Ask what resources are available to help explore different career paths and when you can start using them. You want a career development office that partners with faculty, advisors, parents, staff, alumni and the student.

What do students say about the career development office? Ask some!

Are there resources for students in all majors? See if the non-conventional interests are sought out for career development.

What about networking---see if you can meet with alums even worldwide?

See if students go on to grad school or where they end up shortly after graduation.

I would add to this--see if you as an alum will be able to use the resources and job listings at the office.

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