Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grads: How to succeed or fail in that first job

Not advised.
Even though the economy is up and down, it is steady in one thing--competitiveness. Careerbuilder says your first job out of college will not be your dream.

Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, author of The Unemployed Graduate's Survival Guide, says even so, you can plot a career.

You may not be able to cash in those academic chips, as she puts it, but you can have a productive strategy.

First, you may start with an entry-level job, meaning no experience in the area. These people get the work no one else wants to do. But if you keep your ears open, you can learn of better openings and how the company works.

The goal here is: A paycheck.

You earn more interesting work--it doesn't fall in your lap.

Even if you think the job is beneath you, your time is not wasted. Show a negative attitude--your time is wasted.


---Show up everyday with a surly, condescending attitude.

--Show you are too good to be working there.

--Roll your eyes and sigh loudly.

--Complain incessantly.

--Complete simple tasks sloppily.

Don't tell your boss the job stinks. Amazingly, this has to be said!

What should you do?

--Grin and bear it.

--Don't say things you don't want higher-ups to hear.

--Do the simple tasks well and fast and ask for more.

Surprise! Bosses like that. Happy bosses hand out promotions.

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