Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Here they come--Generation Z

Me? Wear Kanye? Not likely.
Aren't we running out of letters--what if more people are born?

Nevertheless, the NYT, in a story by Alex Williams, Sept 18, 2015, says the Gen Zs--now in high school or grade school--are on the march and will be in the office before we know it.

Millennials--step off.

But how will we know these stalwarts? Now, the NYT says, they wear jeans and cool sneaks and messy hair for boys--the same for girls but with neat hair.

Apparently these Gen Zs (also  known as Centennials) are less worried about style than Millennials.

One aspect will be gender neutrality--Will Smith's son Jaden recently attended prom in a skirt. XX, XY--who knew.

These Gen Zs, like Gen X, also like the "rave" look--which is 1990s.

Stay with me here.

Miley Cyrus is Gen Z--so I guess there is a hootchy aspect.

Oh--and they are back loving Nirvana.

And Normcore--which near as I can tell, is "normal" or baseball caps and jogging pants. But this may be a Brooklyn hipster sendup of "normal," no one knows.

I guess I am as Gen 100 as you get in my earrings and clapped out shorts and desktop computer.

Well, humpf. At least I don't sport what one source called "the laundry day look."

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