Monday, September 21, 2015

How java can jazz ya

Jessica Leigh Hester, Govt Executive Magazine, Sept 17, 2015, says most people don't drink coffee before bed or watch movies on their phone in the dark hoping for sleep, but why not?

A study in Science Translational Medicine investigated caffeine and sleep cycles--comparing it to bright light which is already known to make it harder to produce melatonin, resulting in poorer sleep.

Participants took a caff pill equal to a double espresso three hours before their usual bedtime. The bright light began for three hours at bedtime.

The subjects were studied in four states: caffeinated in dim light, caffeinated in bright light, and uncaffed in dim and bright.

The caffeine threw off the rhythms of subjects even not exposed to light. The shift was off by 40 mins. Caffeine and light kept them awake 105 mins.

This is not to say that coffee is always bad--it can regulate jet lag by keeping you up to a local bedtime.

I don't drink coffee much anymore due to intestinal issues with it and I have never slept more than 2-3 hours without waking. One night I slept seven hours--and thought I had probably died and mysteriously revived.

I do sometimes look at the screen on my audiobook player in the dark--it's boring being perky and knowing sleep is not near.

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