Friday, September 4, 2015

How to outfox resume scanning

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. These programs allow employers to sift through applications, finding the best candidates quickly.

Want to make sure your resume makes it through this initial test?

Matthew Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says first find the keywords in the job listing. If a half dozen apply directly to you, use those in your resume and cover letter--and be specific. Don't say, "Work well with others" if the listing says "team player."

Don't do this just in the mission or objective statement and cover--sprinkle them in the resume. If they applied to more than one job you had, they will register more times--and increase your score.

Keep your formatting simple. Weird fonts may not be picked up by the Optical Character Recognition system.

Watch the industry jargon. The computer looks for what it was told to look for. CPA may not register as Certified Public Accountant.

The site may say Word of PDF is OK--but this will open in a Text Format. Headers and footers can be lost. Text/ASCII is best.

Above all, with all these keywords being worked in--be sure it flows. Stuffing in the keywords every which way can be off-putting.

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