Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to shake up your work routine

Ah--Happy New Year! Don't you feel like September, not January, is when everything kicks off? Throwback to school days, I guess.

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder, talks about how she set about shaking up her work life. She went on a one-week program.

She focused on her commute in the subway. She used to "zone out" staring into space, checking email but this left her feeling more stressed than ever.


Monday: She focused on professional development. She read all those articles on work-life balance that she had saved but not read. She listened to podcasts.

Tuesday: She brushed up on business and news. She got the NYT morning briefing email.

Wednesday: Comedy! She loaded up on comedians on You Tube. If people stared at her cackling, so what.

Thursday: Personal growth was her goal. She bought a book on tidying up. She may also get into eating healthier.

Friday: Reading for pleasure. Novels.

In the end, she felt like she had wasted less time. She may even start learning French.

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