Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I KNEW I forgot something!

Not me--but I could use some whipped cream.
Switzerland. I completely forgot to move to Switzerland.

Switzerland, turns out, is the best place for older people to live, followed by Norway and Sweden.

My grandmother came from Norway--that would also have been a good call. Too late. I am stuck in the Arizona suburbs with a crazed code inspector after me to poison my grass. They are really into the desert rubble look here. But I digress.

GlobalAgeWatch does an index that assesses the social and economic well-being of the older population in 96 countries. They look at income, health, education and employment, and the enabling environment.

After the three mentioned come Germany and Canada. The UK is number 10.

The United States--alas--comes in 9th.

African countries make up half of those with low income security and poor health results.

Other fun facts about aging?

Live expectancy from age 60 on has increased in the top half, decreased in the lower.

Japan has the highest life expectancy with 60-yr-olds maybe looking at 26 more years. Age 60 in Afghanistan--figure 16 yrs. Average. No guarantees.

Poverty rates are also telling. South Korea has the highest among older people, 48.5%.  Venezuela is also hard on the old--with 38% in poverty.

This is depressing. I really missed the boat on Switzerland. What? There is no boat to Switzerland? Never mind then.

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