Monday, September 28, 2015

Thank you for being a friend...

Only Betty White is still with us,
Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, points out that we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of "The Golden Girls."

These were the FUNNY non-real housewives. Come on, you watched, you know you did.

Those four gals, living their Act 3 in a nice house in Florida, had something to teach us.

--Make a good first impression. They all wore nice clothes, even around the house.

--Show off your pleasant side.Things may not be going your way--but keep it upbeat. You might even convince yourself.

--Bite your tongue. Don't go off on people. My recommendation is passive-aggressive (kidding).

--Skip the gossip.Stick with TV shows, music, movies--not those around you.

--Tell the toxic types to take a hike. Remember Blanche's dates? They did not last long if they did not meet her standards.

--Surround yourself with positive people. As I get older, I tend to dump the slugs--not that I am Sally Sunshine myself.

--Stop complaining. Even Jay-Z has 99 problems.

--Shut up and listen. The Girls did not talk over each other--cough, The View...

--Don't overshare. I saw a new sitcom recently that WAY overshared. Took it off my list. It made Amy Schumer look like a mute.

--Take risks. Look at the Girls--three or maybe all of them gave up their homes to live with other women...big jump.  It is still a decent prototype for aging in place.

The only thing I would add is a nice man to make the drinks and a dog.

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