Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today's take on networking

Networking, networking, networking--no one ever gives this a rest as a job-hunting technique. It's who you know or who you know who knows someone.

But is it still a matter of asking your parents' friends if they know of openings--or continually calling former colleagues to see what's what?

Surprise--it's changed and is changing.

First, a lot of it is done through social media, says Susan Ricker of CareerBuilder. Instead of stumping around career fairs--you can meet strangers online. People mention on Facebook that they are looking for a new job--others respond. Recruiting firms also scan the socials.

You can also show off your portfolio online--you don't have to get a hit from a creative director or boss and tote your work over to their office.

There are still local meetups and networking meetings--some can be quite expensive, so inquire.

And you can ask advice--say on Twitter. You might be amazed at how helpful someone you never will meet could be.

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