Friday, October 2, 2015

Beware of holiday job scams

The Better Business Bureau has some tips for avoiding a big ho-ho-ho when if comes to getting a holiday job.

Exercise caution. Remember common sense--if it sounds too good to be true...? "You, too, can make Christmas money by the thousands..." No, you can't. You won't. But some bum sure will. Check him out over there --->

Don't respond to a notice on a social media site or posted by a contact--google the company and see if it looks legit.

Check with the Better Business Bureau--I have some beefs with them, but they can show interesting and crucial info. It's

Never pay upfront fees. You should not have to pay for, say, a background check before you're interviewed.

Never provide your SS number or birthday until you are sure the place is OK--near you, you know it.

Work from home offers? Remember--people who legitimately work at home were interviewed in person, probably worked in the "office" at times, were trained, have prior experience, and work for a salary. Why would anyone pay you 50 cents to insert something in an envelope? They have machines for that.

Be smart!

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