Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chill before that interview

Hey--someone I know just got a good job! She actually had three offers. So there are things out there.

Caitlin Boho, CareerBuilder, has some tips for acing your next interview.

Your biggest obstacle is anxiety--over thinking. Sure, do your research (the company, the culture, upcoming mergers, the job requirements), but don't obsess.

Before interview day, scope out the building. On interview day, give yourself plenty of time to get there.

Talk to people before the interview--positive, supportive people--in other words, get warmed up.

In the car or on your headphones, play a favorite playlist.

Eat a good breakfast--include protein.

Get moving, if you can exercise beforehand.

Visualize how it will go--you will look great, the interviewer will be relaxed and pleasant, you will come up with sharp answers.

And as they say--be yourself. If yourself is pushy, interrupty, brash, laughs too hard and too much--tone it down.

Above all--smile.

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