Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Come on with the job titles

Cat in the Hat? Kinda on the nose?
In the Wayback, I used to name things--lipstick colors, cars, banks--for a naming company in NY. I love naming. But when I read articles such as one by Sam Slaughter in Forbes, I kind of quivver.

He said he was in San Francisco and at a conference on corporate communications was a gal who said her job was "corporate storyteller." Another was a "story strategist." The third was a "futurist." (That one has been around awhile.)

Slaughter is VP for content at Contently (a name I don't love, it stops the eye and not in a good way).

He also met "customer happiness managers."

A receptionist was "head of office experience."

Influencers, trend strategists, transmedia producers, media entrepreneurs, brand architects.


One woman at Noble Experiment NYC, a Brooklyn-based rum company, was "Thing 2."

Cat in the Hat, anyone?

For that matter, how is rum a noble experiment--it's been around a few centuries.

But that's me--disgruntled former namer.

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