Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't veterans have enough problems?

Remember all the stories we have now forgotten on how America's veterans wait months or years to get treatment--or die waiting? How badly the VA is managed? How it was going to change?

Well, they have workplace issues!

Kellie Lunney, Government Executive Magaine, Oct 19, 2015, says a federal employee union compiled a 40-pp report on how bad some managers are over there. The new VA secretary Bob McDonald, who is not getting rave notices, asked for it.

 All of those cited were working in the VA's central office, not the hospitals. Among the infractions:

--Senior exec made subordinates say they had a mid-year review when they hadn't.

--Another favored those with his religious views.

--Made people ask permission to use the restroom.

--Disparaged people's sexual orientation

--Harassed women.

--Yelled, cursed.

--Throws his physical size around to intimidate.

--Female endlessly ranks out her romantic partners, talks about sex, seems hungover.

Of course, a representative of the Senior Executives Assn countered--no detail beyond general accusations.

Will anything be done about this? Guess. Meanwhile--the vets are waiting.

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