Thursday, October 22, 2015

Have you complimented someone today?

According to Olivia Goldhill, Government Executive Magazine, Oct 19, 2015, a Harvard Business School working paper found that praise from friends, family, and colleagues gets people to perform at their best.

These people are more resilient to stress, more resistant to disease and burnout, more creative, and perform better under pressure--as well as being more likely to form a bond with the employer and stay.

Seems kind of obvious, right? Yet, how often do you get or give praise?

They did a study--123 participants were given notes from someone they had a close relationship with. Some were positive (You are a wonderful role model).

Sure enough, those who got nice notes performed better in a mock interview.

To me, this is one for The Big Book of Duh. I sure know the opposite effect--sometimes when I tell friends or even my own kid about my latest cartoon project, they just say it's stupid.

Amazingly it takes effort to shake that off and go forward.

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