Monday, October 12, 2015

Here's a tip: Do what you say you will

Remember the old saying, "My word is my bond."

Or: He was a man of his word. Or she.

Do you have any idea of what a changed world this would be if people did what they vowed or promised or even just mentioned they would do?
Case in point. I asked my daughter, 33, to do a small chore I cannot do because of my mobility issues. She said, "I already did." I was shocked--without 10 nagging repetitions?

THEN--and hour later--I looked outside and she was doing the chore. Our eyes met. "Busted," she joked. So I got the rush of irritation anyway. Could have lived without that.

Or the recent kerfluffle over the guy set to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. Besides running afoul of a determined group of conservatives, he apparently had committed an indiscretion we like to call violating your marriage vows--and his fellow members say this did not influence their dissatisfaction, but they also circulated a letter about vague misdeeds and apparently everyone knew about this.

So he did not stick with what he promised--and look.

Maybe this sounds petty--but this one old-fashioned value could be honored more. It would make a difference. Think about it.

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