Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to bridge the gap between old and young

The boomers are retiring, Gen X is cruising along, the millennials are trying to get a foothold--both feel entitled and each has a different view of work.

Some fun.

This is particularly evident in the government. There are now half a million fewer government workers than in 2008. In some states, more than 40% of the workforce will be eligible to retire by 2017.

Yet, less than 6% of grads want to get into government employ.

Millennials (1981-1997) grew up with technology and the socials. They are impatient, seeking connectivity. They want constant progress, career progression, and feedback.

This is not the government way--or is it the way of many corporations.

What can they do? According to Katie Burke, Government Executive Magazine:

Rework job descriptions to advertise what millennials like: professional development, mentoring, flexibility.

Emphasize personal development opportunities. Government pays less than the private sector, but this does not matter as much to millennials as a chance to move up.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks. Millennials think results should be gained in 40 hrs!

Technology is key. Employees should be allowed to BYOD--Bring Your Own Device. They like email, texting, IM. GenXers prefer meetings or the phone. Using e-forms is effective for all companies and organizations.

Sixty-four percent of millennials want to make the world a better place.

If you ask me, the world could use it.

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