Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to have a better website

Your mother uses it? Here is my money!
Conversion means getting people to buy what you are selling. You need a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy (CRO).

According to a piece on written by Mike Templeman, too often people use their intuition about what will make people "convert." Some people say to themselves, "Just tell me how the thing works..." That is a start--but most people also want the benefits, not just the features.

To increase CRO, forget your "feelings" and do what tests. Think small. You may not need to design the product--or the whole marketing system. Test color, small text changes, and minor design changes in your website. One company changed one word: Instead of "Get started for just $1," they put "Get started now for just $1." Their CRO jumped 12%. (It was on the home page--make little changes in big places.)

Provide "social proof" that your product or service is good. Sixty-three percent of consumers in a recent study prefer sites with ratings and reviews. You can also provide logos of recognizable companies--or "As seen on TV."

Testimonials are great. Make sure they are specific--not just "this company is great."

Write a case study or success story. (I used to write these for Apple.) You would be amazed at the length people will read when they are thinking of getting up off some money.

Email marketing is also effective--not just having a website. Amazon's campaign to say "Customers who bought what you did also bought..." has been huge for them.

Look at the forms you ask people to complete on the website. Ask only for a minimal amount of info. Or use Steps--first the email, then zip code, then types of goods. Say in advance THREE EASY STEPS.

Give them ways to reach you. Calling is sort of out these days. People fear a robot or call center. Maybe let people text. Or live chat.

Change an element, wait, see if it helps.

I don't text, but I was glad to make an appt on a site with a pest control company to zap my wasps via live chat--no waiting, bam, done!

A lot of this is what I did and taught decades ago when I did direct response. Ask for the order (Do it today!), make it urgent, seem trustworthy and reliable, show you are liked by other customers.

But above all, sell benefits--not just describe features. But that is a post for another day.

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