Friday, October 30, 2015

I believe in jinxes--what about you?

Do you think those "old wives" knew a thing or two? Research done by Queendom, a research company, looked at 14,958 people's beliefs in the paranormal.

People are superstitious!

STEP ON A CRACK. Will doing this really result in injury to your mother? Thirty-nine percent of Jews and 25% of women avoid cracks. Twenty-five percent of young people also step over cracks, while by age 40, this is 19%.

BLACK CATS. Asians tend to be the most leery at 34%, Caucasians the least at 25%. More women than men shy away from these felines.

NUMBER 13. Strongest among Asians at 33%, lowest among whites and blacks at 26%. More women than men.

OPENING AN UMBRELLA INDOORS. Strongest among Native Ams at 37%, lowest among Asians at 23%. Twice as many women as men.

SPILLED SALT. Native Ams most likely to counter it with a pinch over the right shoulder. Lowest among Asians. More women than men.

BROKEN MIRROR. Bad luck to a third surveyed. Jews and Native Ams highest at 36%, Middle Easterners lowest at 25%.

JINXES. Half of those surveyed avoid discussing a future event. Highest among Native Ams at 61%, lowest among Asians at 54%. Women over men.

Looks like women buy into a lot of this more than men.

To me  this is an interesting seasoning to life--not rational maybe, but entertaining--and shared. Hope typing about it doesn't jinx me. Or that last sentence.

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