Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Interviewing at Tesla

I got this from a site called Quora (a pretty interesting site, check it out).

A guy interviewed at the new age car and transportation place Tesla--full-time job a a powertrain test engineer.

First, he was screened by phone. The recruiter gets to know you, learns about your skills and chats with you about what your role would be. Be sure you can talk about Tesla and why you want to work there.

The second step is the hiring manager or senior engineer going more deeply into your background and qualifications. Discuss problems you've solved.

The onsite interview is next and at Tesla, you are asked to create a presentation about your past work. This took him 30 mins and he presented to six people. There were questions and answers.

After that came one-to-one intervews with each of the six people. Technnical questions about past work, knowledge of fundamental engineering,and behavioral questions--maybe some questions outside of your wheelhouse--such as coding.

They want to see passion about Tesla and their mission. They also wanted to be sure he could be ready to work on day one. That was the conclusion of this applicant.

Did he get the job? Hmmm, didn't say.

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