Thursday, October 29, 2015

Learn French in a week? Mais no

Just kidding--I don't know any French. But remember back at CareerBuilder, where some staffers were trying weeklong enrichment or change of routine exercises, well, one guy did a week of French lessons.

His name is Greg Miller and he had tried before to learn from French from YouTube before he and his wife went to Paris--this was another stab. The company had also offered free Rosetta Stone, so he went for it. Bust.

Then he tried an app call Duolingo, recommended by an Uber driver. It was supportive--telling him 20 mins a day was insanely generous and he would be fluent in no time.

In no time, the app said he was 8% fluent and offered to post this milestone on Linked In for him.

But, despite the overeager app, he felt his time was being wasted.

Could be learning a language takes real work. Quel irritating.

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