Friday, October 9, 2015

Robots can't do this

I saw a completely creepy show on guys trying to invent sex robots. But that is not what I am talking about--or ever want to talk about.

I am talking about a story by Roger Wu in Nextgov Magazine on three things robots will always do better than humans. This is for people afraid the bots will take their jobs.

The first thing bots can't do well is be creative. Humans see connections that are not logical. A robot would never ask ballet dancers to teach football players how to move. But they are doing more with trial and error--which is akin to creativity.

A robot can figure optimal moves, in other words, but not new games to play.

Robots are also bad at relationships. Humans need to work together--robots don't. Half of communication happens in body language and undertones--robots don't see these.

Robots are also bad at sales. Sales depend on playing on human emotions. Retail sales, for example, often depend on free trials and coupons--to get us to get things we don't need.  Most sales are irrational.

Wu says robots are at the on-cell stage. But great oaks from...well, you know the irrational, nonsensical saying.

You know what needs to go--and go now? Those robots that direct your call...OMG, I despise those! "Please select one of the following so I can get you to the right person..." Oh, bite me, you bucket of bolts!

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