Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What happens if you don't get the job

What did I say?
Not everything turns out the way you want. This is an adult life lesson you get to learn over and over.

Elena Lyn, a contributor to Career Contessa, says she once went the distance to get her dream job--all kinds of research, prepared stories on what she had done to match every requirement, even thought up some company strategies. She follow up with a thank you, thought the interviewer liked her--but they went with someone else. Turns out, they already knew whom they wanted.

Back in DC, we called this a job that was "wired." They just look at others for form's sake. It is not really kosher, but it happens all the                                                         time.

The author recommends asking for feedback. How could I be a better candidate next time?

Think back and reflect. Maybe it did not go as well as you thought. Did you talk more than listen?

Maybe you made a mistake--such as scorning your previous job or employer.

Or maybe it was not a good fit--and the interviewer saw it and you didn't. You made jokes, the interviewer was serious.

Maybe someone else was better. This is completely beyond your control.

You may never know--and that is frustrating. But dust yourself off and out you go again.

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