Monday, October 5, 2015

What high schoolers expect for their future

Let's hear it for rich and casually dressed.
Debra Auerbach, CareerBuilder, says when she was in HS, she barely thought ahead to the next day. But today's high schoolers are more future-minded, she says.

CareerBuilder did a survey that showed teens have solid opinions about the working world. And their expectations may vary from those already in the working world.

First, high schoolers have high salary hopes. Twenty-one percent of the youngsters said they would need to earn $100,000 to $149,000 to be "successful." Only 15% of the current workers said that amount.

Future workers were also three times as likely as current ones to want to make $200,000.

High school students dream of making a difference. Over half said making a mark on the world was a sign of success. Only 22% of current workers said that.

Future and current workers both want relaxed dress codes. Seventy-four percent of current workers and 70% of HS students said they should be able to be casual.

Future workers were more optimistic about chances of promotion than current workers.

Somewhat surprisingly, high schoolers saw themselves staying longer in a job--only 16% said a year was enough.

Also surprisingly, fewer HS students than current workers said it's OK to use emojis in work correspondence.

They also were less likely to say it's OK to be late if you get your work done.

So are high schoolers more idealistic about work? Looks like it--which is to be expected. Let's hope they get that $200,000 before they start to take a more jaundiced  realistic view.

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