Friday, October 16, 2015

Why work at home bombs

Writing on, Meredith Haberfeld, founder and CEO of ThinkHuman, says the "remote" workforce grew 80% between 2005 and 2012 and will increase another 21% over the next year.

Remote-ers log more hours, are more productive and cost their employers less money.

But--the best hires will perform poorly if they feel disconnected, disempowered, and unappreciated.

Even engagement at the workplace, much less at home, is an average of 30%.

The key is the commitment of the company to remote work.

First, they train people leaders, build a culture of trust.

Wrangling people in different locations is hard. They must have a shared higher purpose.

They must have shared organizational values.

And rituals as a  "tribe." This can entail end of day shoutouts, frequent IMing, videoconferencing, plenty of face time. Some companies bring the workforce together at resorts.

Encouraging leadership at every level is important. Empower results. Make sure those results are crystal clear.

Decentralize decisionmaking. Let people decide things on their own.

People don't leave jobs--they leave bosses. Don't be leave-able.

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