Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wow--a full-time job can be bad for you?

And you were complaining because you could not find a full-time job. Liz Ryan,, says the workplace is evolving into part-time, contract, temporary, and self-employment--and the old approach--a job job--may actually hold you back.

The old cradle to the grave job like our parents and grandparents had may be losing ground.

People used to look down on someone who could "not hold a job."

Now if a job cannot hold you, it's OK--if you have a good reason for moving on.

Full-time jobs are not necessarily more secure, either--too many eggs in a basket.

You may also get too complacent in a full-time job--not even know what you would do if you lost it.

You need to keep up with your industry. Keep up with the changes.

A regular job may also make you focus on the wrong things--who said what, was the boss grumpy, and so on--rather than the place of the company in the global marketplace.

You may even lose touch with what you're worth. You may get one thing in a job, another doing the same work as a consultant.

You don't want to forget the world outside your office door exists,

What do I think of this advice? Only partially true. Like 30-yr mortgages, I think people like full-time jobs if they can get them--a culture, companionship (or shared misery), a loyalty, a sense of some predictability if not security.

But it varies by person...Maybe you are ripe for the new paradigm.

I know I spent 35 yrs as a freelancer--it was like running downstairs two at a time--think about the precariousness of what you are doing and BAM!

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