Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wow--smart sixth grader

Not Mira--another lunch eater.
Frida Garza, Nextgov, Oct 26, 2015, writes about a New York 11-year-old who is selling secure passwords for $2 each.

Her name is Mira Modi and she crafts individual words and sends them to you in the mail.

She uses something called "diceware." She rolls a six-sided die five times to generate a list of numbers, which are then matched to a list of short, simple English words. She does this a few times. A string may be: alger gene curry blond, puck horse.

She also recommends when you get it, you add caps and symbols, although she says she can't remember them all.

This already sounds kind of hard to me. But I am a dope. These youngsters are already gobbling our lunch.

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