Friday, November 27, 2015

Change this--right now!

Elin Cherry,, writes about workplace changes she would like to see--PDQ. That stands for Pretty Darn Quick.

First, she says, the way an employer says things matters. Don't call child care and maternity leave "women's issues," call them "family issues."

Sometimes, employers say they are sensitive to such problems, but women can read between the lines. Instead of asking when a woman will be back after a baby, she says, it would be nice to say, "We have your back" and mean it.

Rewarding more on accomplishment and results would be good. Usually the most grueling hours are in one's 20s and 30s--but these are childbearing years.

Base incoming salaries on what others earn--not on what the applicant made in the previous job.

Employers also need to be aware of implicit bias. Women should not be deficient if they "don't lead like a man."

Let's face it, she says, childcare is often a woman's biggest "issue." Regular child care, care for when the child is sick, care for teens.

Child care AT WORK is the best option. Moms can visit, breastfeed. Childcare downtown in business districts is also an option. Companies could even co-op to provide childcare.

Let's get on it!

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