Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hackable toys--a dark threat?

Hello yourself, Babs.What are you up to?
Caitlin Fairchild, Nextgov, says even children's playthings would be the playthings of the hackers.

"Hello" Barbie, for example, has a speaker, mic, and WiFi chip connected to servers--the better to converse with kids. She "remembers" info from previous chats--such as the child's favorite color.

Just call her Siri, says the CEO of the company, ToyTalk, Mattell partnered with to create this little companion.

He swears Babs is operated by robots, but Germany gave her a Big Brother Award for privacy violations. The NSA is also skeptical of the tiny bombshell.

Barbie is not alone--"My Friend Cayla" also communicates to kids and is not password-protected. And Cognitoy's dinosaur doll is powered by IBM's Watson.

Dinosaur doll?

Hmmm...is that Teddy Bear looking a little crafty?

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