Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How can you find a cultural fit?

Your style?
I was watching a new reality show the other night called Apres Ski--about young people working at a ski resort and giving customers unique winter experiences--such as vaulting out of helos or riding in a dog sled.

The new CEO was a woman from "the city" who swans around in little black dresses and pearls. Her staff is bundled up in colorful sports gear, while she picks her way over icy paths in heels.

Good cultural fit? They call her out on it in the first episode, when one of her staff says she doesn't wear prom dresses on the slopes. Snap!

Anyhow, Caitlin Boho, CareerBuilder, writes about how to gauge the culture of a company.

She writes about a coworker who had three interviews at an ad company. Then the second candidate got the job--better cultural fit.  Does this mean I am not cool enough?" he wailed.

You need to scope out the fit in advance. Find someone who works there. She herself thought Groupon would be fun--fun perks, casual dress, a tiki bar--then she learned about the management style and hours--nope.

You also can scope things out online.Look under "About Us." Also check the company social sites.

In the interview, try to find common cultural ground with the interviewer. Does the company value a sense of humor, for instance.

Ask the interviewer to describe the work environment, group activities, ways work is rewarded.

Asking even one of these can get you interesting answers.

You can also tell a lot when you walk in--is the place bustling, noisy or pin drop quiet with closed office doors--if offices even HAVE doors?

Do people have person items on their desks? How about coffee cups? Is anyone laughing?

A tiki bar is not enough--presumably you are not in Figi.

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